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As a show breeder, I have responsiblities that include:
1.  Limited breeding of healthy dogs of sound temperament.
2.  Breeding with the goal of improving the Dalmatian breed.
3. Placing my puppies in responsible homes and doing my best to prevent unwanted dogs from going to the shelters or living in an abusive environment.

One way in which I facilitate the above is to ask my potential puppy families to answer this questionnaire.  Thank you for your assistance!

1.  Why are you considering a Dalmatian?
2.  Have you ever had a Dalmatian?   Do you know much about Dalmatians? (Health problems, life span, special needs)
3.  Are you looking for a male or female? And why?
4.  Are you interested in a pet or are you planning to show?
5.  If you are interested in a show dog, have you attended any dog shows?  And are you aware of the costs and time involved in showing dogs?
6.  Do you have any other pets?  And have you had any pets in the past and what happened to them?
7.  Do you have any children?
8.  Do you live in a house or apartment?  Do you rent?  Do you have a fenced yard?  What type of fence is it and how tall?
9.  Where will your dogs live?  And how about while you're at work?  While you're asleep?
10.  What type of dog food will you use?
11.  Are you familiar with crate training?
12.  If you are interested in a pet puppy, do you have an objection to spaying or neutering your dog?

If you get a error message after hitting the submit button.  Don't worry it still will get your form.  I am working on the fix.