MBIS/MBISS Platinum Level II Grand CH Kastle's Go Speed Racer
Speed is BAER bi-lateral for hearing,  PennHIP #880835,  Elbows OFA normal , Thyroid normal, has nice dark brown eyes CERF-clear, Height 22 1/2 inches.  CHIC # 67004    He is a multiple Best In Show, multiple Best In Specialty show and #3 all time winning Dalmatian in the history of AKC.  

2010:  In five months of showing as a special Speed was ranked #6 in the country on the All Breed System.  Speed also recieved his Grand Championship and was BOS at Eukanuba in 2010.  

2011:  He received an Award of Merit at at Westminster!  Speed was ranked as # 2 Dalmatian on the Breed System (Held the # 1 spot for several months), and # 2 on the All Breed System in the country. Speed is the first Dalmatian to achieved the Platinum Level II in Grand Championship points.

2012:  Speed was # 2 in the Breed system (Held the #1 spot for months), and in the All Breed system.  Speed received a Best In Show on May 6, 2012 in CA.  And at the Dalmatian National show he received the first Award of Merit in the Breed Class.   He received another Best In Show  on  November 18,  2012 in AZ.  And he ended the year with a Select Dog win at Eukanuba.  On December 14, 2012 Speed earned his Platinum level in Grand Championship points.  And he finished out the year as #13 on the All Time Top Show Dalmatians.

2013: Speed was #2 in the Breed system and #4 in the All Breed system.  (Held #1 in Breed for months).  And finished out the year with BOB  at Eukanuba and is the #5 All Time Top Show Dalmatian.

2014:  Speed finished out he year as the #2 Dal (Once again held the #1 spot for months) in the Breed system.  

2015:  Speed is enjoying his retired life, but makes it to the ring once in a while to keep him happy.  He is #1 in Grand Championship point ranking for Dalmatians.  Currently he is the #3 All Time Top Show Dalmatian in the history of AKC.  He qualified for the Top 20 - 8 times.

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Speed took Back to Back - Best In Specialty Show wins in Colorado, Aug 2011!
Speed was Best in Specalty Show at DCNC-Oct 2011 & DCSC-Nov 2011!
Speed winning Best In Show!  May 6, 2012
DCA 2012 - Top 20 Photo
Award Of Merit at Westminister 2011
DCA 2012 - Award Of Merit
Back to Back - Best In Specialty wins at the Dalmatian Club of Southern California (AM and PM shows)
Speed winning Best In Show!  November 18,2012
Best In Speciality Show at the Dalmatian Club of Greater Phoenix, Feb 2013
Best In Specialty Show at Dalmatian Club of Southern California, June 2013
Speed on the move!
2013 Dalmatian Club America Award Of Merit
2013 Top 20 Photo
Best In Specialty Show at Puget Sound Dalmatian Club
2014 Top 20
Back to Back Best In Specialty Show at the Dalmatian Club of Southern California.  This is the 2nd time for Speed winning both AM and PM at DCSC.  
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Speed at 5 months of age
Speed earning his Double Platinum Grand Championship at age 11 years.
G3 at the age of 11 years