About Us
I have a love for dogs  that goes back many years.

As a child my first love was for Samoyeds. Then in 1977 I bought my first Doberman Pinscher, which begin a whole new life.  I started showing Dobermans in 1980.  Joined the Doberman Pinscher club of Reno in 1980.  Was treasurer for many years and Show Chairman for several specialties then resigned after 20 years.   I'm was a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America for many years.

Then in 1989 I bought my first dal from Karen Soule, who asked me to take a look at her litter of puppies.  I arrived at her house and she handed a cute liver boy to me, and said that he really liked me.  I put him down on the floor and he would run off.  Karen would put him back in my lap, and say again that he really liked me.  Next thing I knew, I was driving home with a spotted pup in my lap.   CH Fireline Indescreet Esq (Chief) finished with 3 majors and a RWD and a first in Futurity class at DCA 1990.  I have been breeding and exhibiting Dals ever since.   I am dedicated and committed to improving the Dalmatian breed.   I  am a member of the Dalmatian Club of America,  Dalmatian Club of Northern California, and Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club.
Chief  handled by James Holbrooks at DCA in 1990, pictured going RWD under Judge Esme Treen.
Today I'm a AKC breeder of merit, and have bred many AKC & INT Champions.
Tara Schultz handling my dog MBIS/MBISS Gold Grand Champion Kastle's Go Speed Racer to Best In Show.
Bruce Schultz handling Speed at Wesminister and receiving an Award of Merit.
Tara Schultz handling Speed in the Top 20 competition.